Florida metal roofing company

Lighter than tiles and more durable a metal roof is perfect for customers who wish to spend constantly on maintenance and repairs. Known for its versatility and strength metal roofing has steadily gained popularity in roofing options. Compatible with a variety of construction styles and architectural structures, metal roofing delivers a cost-effective and energy-efficient roofing option. This is especially true for those on a budget. Promised to last a lifetime, metal roofing is a viable material that will cater to customers’ various needs.

Myths about Metal Roofing

A common misunderstanding metal roofing develops is that it can be quite noisy when rain, hail, or snow falls on it. While this issue may have existed in the past, our metal roofing sheets have been designed to be even quieter than shingles. For extra soundproofing, we layer our customer’s metal roofs with plywood to absorb any sound and vibrations being caused by rain. At Vetcon Construction Services, we also offer metal roofing that is covered with stone or asphalt that further reduce the sound of rain and hail hitting the top.

Metal roofing is more eco-friendly than shingles. This is because it requires less maintenance and repair work. With its durability and ability to withstand different harsh weather conditions, metal roofing provides secure roofing options at a reasonable price. Our teams will be available for emergency services and consultations. You are always welcome to ask us for more information about the entire process and our prices.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is known for a variety of benefits such as being fire resistant and durable. Additionally, it contributes to portraying a sleek and clean image of your home. Our professional contractors are committed to providing clients with the best materials that will satisfy their needs. Obtain your functional and roof today. Employ our services and avail of all of these benefits to ensure the safety of your residential and commercial buildings.

  • Durability

Protecting homes from wind, fires, mold, and other harsh weather conditions metal roofing made of copper, steel, or aluminum is assured to resist just about anything.

  • Aesthetics

Known for their sleek and clean looks metal roofing can be customized to a variety of colors, textures, and styles to suits customer’s overall home aesthetics.

  • Sustainability

Made mostly of recycled materials, metal roofing is environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than other types of roofing.

  • Worthy Investment

Customers view roofing as an investment that will protect their homes and belongings. Metal roofing offers more durability with lower maintenance and replacement costs to customers.

  • Long-Lasting

Lasting 50 years or longer metal roofing offers a longer lifespan than any other type of roofing such as asphalt. This is the best feature of metal roofing because it guarantees longevity without constant care.

Customers searching for an eco-friendly, long-lasting, and lightweight alternative for roofing should consider metal roofing. Our experts execute a proficient so that customers can utilize the roof or decades to come without any worries.

Different Styles

The three main styles of metal roofing include metal shingle roofing, metal shake roofing, and standing seam metal roofing. These roofing types each provide a unique and classic look to customers’ homes. Each of these materials and styles can be customized to match the rest of your home’s construction aesthetics. Contact us today for more information about the types of metal roofing we offer to suit your residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

Professional Services

Customers should always employ licensed professionals to carry out necessary roof installation and repair activities. Our roofing professionals are guaranteed to provide only the best quality materials, utilize the best equipment to deliver an exceptional experience. All of our staff has been trained to interact with our customers professionally and courteously. We serve our customers according to their unique needs. Our company offers all of the necessary services and products such as repair, installment, and replacement in one place. Invest in our company and we will invest our expertise to create solutions to your roof-related problems.