MoFlorida Residential Roofing Company

Just as sturdy walls need to be built on strong foundations as do your homes roof. At Vetcon Construction Services, we strive to provide our customers with the most professionally installed roofs that ensure durability, strength, and stunning visual effects. With our quality roofing products, expertise, and skilled workers with years of craftsmanship, we offer nothing but the best. Treating your homes as if they were our own, we provide a variety of different services to satisfy your needs. For residential customers, we offer New Roof Construction, Roof Repairs, and Roof Replacements.

By employing our services, you are guaranteed to have a partner for life. We offer regular maintenance services to ensure the longevity of your metal, asphalt roofs. At Vetcon Construction Services we provide our customers with a variety of different services and products. Choose a roofing type that suits your needs and home aesthetics so we can deliver the most professional services. Our contractors are dedicated to providing a secure roof so our customers can protect their families and their belongings while improving the overall quality of their homes.

Our mission is to offer our customers resilient and well-built roofs that will protect them from different weather conditions, and other wear and tear over time. Thus, you can prioritize creating loving memories in your homes with the peace of mind that the safety of your family is in good hands. Our services are customized according to our customers located in Florida operating on a budget. It is guaranteed that the service we provide will be timely and efficient.

Florida New Roof Construction

Looking for the right roof to complete the home of your dreams? Ensuring our customers receive the best services and quality possible. Our trained and experienced staff will advise and install the most protective and ideal roofing. This allows our customers to create a lifetime of memories in their new home. We are always available to guide and support our customers through their roofing decisions by taking different factors into account such as:

  • Your homes architectural style and construction processes
  • Building code regulations
  • Appropriate materials for security and visual appeal
  • Operating budget
  • Prompt deliver and completion of services


Acquiring a new roof for your home entails many different processes that need to be conducted with care and expertise. It is highly advised customers always hire seasoned professionals to ensure an accurate job has been done. Installing a new roof is a hefty investment and should be done with careful planning and research. This will help eliminate possibilities of injuries and leakage from faulty roof installation. For a better understanding of how we operate, we have clearly outlined the stages of acquiring a new roof for your home

Step 1: Consultation

Our skilled contractors will advise our customers with the correct materials, designs, and roofing options that we provide. Keeping our customer’s budget and visual appeal in mind, we deliver the best services that will satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements.

Step 2: Commencing Operations

Once the necessary materials and designs have been decided upon, our contractors will commence working on your project. The idea that time is money is core to our company. We aim to serve our customers in an efficient cost-effective manner. Our contractors will complete their operations on time without compromising on quality. Our operations are optimized to be less time consuming. That’s how we can offer our customers lower spending rates on labor and swift entry and exit from your premises. At Vetcon Construction Services, we respect our customer’s privacy and residential areas. Therefore, our installation services include consistent clean up throughout the process to avoid injury and damage of property.

Roof Replacement Company Near You

The changes in seasons tend to wear your roofs down over time no matter how sturdy and durable the building materials are. Even with excessive maintenance and repairs, the longevity of your roof is comprised of the progression of time. At Vetcon Construction Services, we offer prompt and quality roof replacement services.  After an inspection of your current roofing, we will present you with a detailed plan and estimated cost of our services.

Contact us for the best roofing services in Florida to guarantee a stress-free experience.

What are indicators that your roof needs replacement?

Customers should be vigilant to water leaks, damaged shingles, and the number of years they have been surviving under the same roof. Quite often damage, wear and tear go unnoticed until it causes harsher issues that require extensive repair. If your roof has been installed for over a decade or you suspect some damage, we suggest maintenance or replacements. Clear signs of roof replacements are:

Water Leaks

Evident signs of water damage mean your roof is no longer operating as a protectant against the elements. If these leaks are not catered to in due time, customers are at risk of extensive repairs, moldy walls, etc. Search for brown stains on your ceilings or walls to clearly outline the cause of the leakage.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Homeowners know the unpredictable weather of Florida can result in substantial damage being inflicted on your shingled roof over time. Customers need to request for roof replacements when they notice a plethora of missing and damaged tiles.

Aged Roof

No matter what materials your roofs have been constructed from, they all have their particular lifespan. Their lifespan however depend on which area of Florida you are located in; areas more susceptible to storms may need frequent maintenance and replacements.

Roof Repair

Often conducted for smaller problems such as leaks or a handful of missing shingles, roof repairs help customers save costs in the long run. The different from roof replacement where the whole roof has to be replaced. Most roof repairs can be done effectively once the damage has ensued. Customers can request our services when they notice leaks or missing shingles and we will provide prompt services. Regular repairs are heavily advised to increase the longevity of your roofs.

At Vetcon Construction Services we always provide our customers with swift, friendly and professional services that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.