Florida Roof Repair

As a Floridian, you are surely well aware of how unpredictable and harsh the seasons and weather can be. And that’s why in addition to the installation of new roofs, Vetcon Construction Service also specializes in the repair of faulty ones. Roofs serve many important purposes in addition to providing shelter. They are instrumental to the insulation of your home, they help you keep safe from the elements such as snow, rain, dust, etc. They are also a critical design element in the overall look of your home. Therefore, if your roof begins showing signs of deterioration in its structural integrity, you should take quick action to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. And there is no better roof repairing contractor in Florida than Vetcon Construction Services.

We are committed to you!

Our highly skilled and expertly trained teams of roofing contractors in Florida are happy to be of service to you! Our customer service is exceptional, and every job we undertake, we execute with expert workmanship. Regardless of how big or small the repair project is, we take every care to deliver the highest quality services through diligence. Rightfully so, we have built successful relationships with many of our clients. They know they can put their faith in us to handle the repair services with care and urgency. So if you are beginning to notice signs that your roof is in a state of disrepair, you know who to call!

When should you begin seeking Professional Contractors for Roof repairs?

Can you see leakages on your roof?

Is your roof stained or is your ceiling dripping in your house and you cannot figure out where the source of the leak is?

Are you putting off calling for professional help because you do not want to deal with an annoyingly persistent salesperson?

If your answer to any of the preceding questions was yes, then you are in luck! At Vetcon Construction Services we take care of all these concerns for you.

Our job is not to push our offers and try to extract surcharges from you as many other companies would do. At Vetcon Construction Services you can receive high value because we have affordable pricing options for all our roofing services.

Nib issues in the Bud

You might think your roof hasn’t yet retained enough damage to warrant the costs of roof repairs. Still, the wise thing to do would be to stop the damage in its tracks early on before it’s too late. Even if there are spots where small repairs can be made; we can take care of it for you. We specialize in Florida roof repair as well as new roof installation.

Give us a call and our representatives will be delighted to assist you. They’ll give you a written quote for the repairs you require, and will happily answer any queries you may have.

Why we’re different- and better!

At Vetcon Construction Service, through years of experience, we know that the needs of every individual client are unique. That is why the solutions we provide are tailored to your exact requirements. You will not be expected to buy a brand new roof when the first signs of disrepair start to manifest. Unlike many of the services you will find on the market today, what helps Vetcon Construction Services stand out is that we are in this with you for the long run.

We will save you the hassle and costs of purchasing a whole new roof by executing the roof repair job flawlessly. That’s the secret behind why, once our clients have had a taste of our services, nothing can compel them to turn back!

If your roof leaking or needs repairs, you can contact us anytime to receive a free no-obligation estimate for all repair projects!

What are the indicators of a Roof in Disrepair?


Trying to figure out the source of the leakage in your roof is no easy feat. In fact, if you are not familiar with the technicalities of roofs, doing so will be nearly impossible for you. One thing that can be said for certain, though, is regardless of where the seepage is coming from, your attic is becoming water-logged. And once water enters your attic, it becomes increasingly hard to discover the point where the water is entering form. Not routinely maintaining your roof will leave it is vulnerable to sustaining a leak that starts off small. Gradually, the leak grows to cause significant water damage. As highly trained professionals with years of industry experience, we know exactly what we should be on the lookout for.
If you are beginning to see the following signs of water damage, hurry and reach out to us so that we can begin the process of roof repairs when the time is ripe!

  • Water spots on the ceiling
  • Bubbling in the paint
  • Fallen-off, cracked, and damaged shingles
  • Sounds of dripping water coming from your attic.
  • Smell of moisture

Wind Damage

Some shingles can easily be blown off by heavy gusts of winds. Which are no strangers to Florida’s weather.

Signs of wind damage

  • Fine lines where granules look worn out from the shingle above them
  • Spots where shingles are missing
  • Roof damage from falling debris


Heavy storms, also native to Florida’s climate, are also a culprit when it comes to damages caused by the debris. If you are concerned that your roof has sustained damage from debris, give us a call as soon as possible.

Signs of damage caused by debris

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Piles of granules
  • Roof leakages after a storm

As professionals, we recommend homeowners to have routine maintenance done to their roofs as these are issues that can be easily prevented and can increase the longevity and use you get out of your roof, while also saving you money and ensuring your safety.