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Hail Damaged Roof Repairs

In the past few years, hail and high-speed winds have caused around $15 billion worth of damages in the United States alone. This led to hundreds of damaged homes.

In Florida, storms that bring hail are more common than most people would think. Hail is essentially chunks of ice of different sizes, hardness, and shapes. This hail can have detrimental damaging effects on your roof. At Vetcon Construction Services our specialty is to repair hail damaged roofs of all kinds and materials.

Save your money- and your Roof

The costs incurred by a roof damaged by hail pile up fast because hail damages anything that is outdoors. This includes your car, your windows, and your roof. If the size of the hail is small, damage from hail can be easily overlooked by the untrained eye. You do not have to have gaping holes in your roof to know hail has caused it damage. If there has been a thunderstorm recently, and it has hailed, we would highly recommend that you have your roof inspected.

Our job is to inspect your roof and give you a free written estimate. This lets you know exactly what repairs will entail and how much they will cost.

What Does Hail Damage Do to a Roof?

The effects of roof damage caused by hail can differ according to many different reasons: hail size

  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • the material of the roof
  • age of materials
  • slope of roof

Damage from the hail is bad for both the functionality of your roof and its look. Damages such as broken edges, holes, and granule loss can prove to be of a serious nature, even though they might have seemed like only cosmetic damage at first.

What are the indicators of a Hail damaged Roof?

Granule loss

  • Granules are part of the shingle. You can identify granule loss by looking at your gutters and downspouts after a hailstorm.

Cracks in the Shingles

  • Hard and heavy hail can cause cracks in your shingles, which results in exposure and tears, and your roof is left with bare spots.

Once you know how to spot hail damage on your roof, you can look for signs of damage after a hailstorm. Make haste and contact us if there is a need for immediate repairs.

Don’t hold off Roof Repair

Hail damage to your roof can leave you exposed to the elements. For instance, exposed shingles can lead to leaks which, in turn, can lead to electrical and mold damage inside your home. That’s why you should take quick action to repair the damage caused after a hail storm. This will allow you to make sure your home will not experience any interior damage.

If you ignore roof damage for too long, the result of it would be leaks or ice dams. Eventually, with the passage of time, these will give way to mold damage, electrical issues, or rotting wood — all of which also rack up the costs of repair.

Roof Hail Damage Repair Company in Florida

Living in Florida, you or someone you know has experienced a hailstorm, or several. You are also familiar with how devastating and widespread the damage can be. To put it into perspective, imagine the damage caused by a world-class golfer aiming hundreds of thousands of balls at your home. You’ll then begin to understand the damage caused by the average hailstorm.

The way to ensure you get the best value for your spending on roof hail damage repair is to trust our expert contractors at Vetcon Construction Services for your hail damage repair needs.

Checking for Hail Damage

So, you have made sure no leakages are affecting the interiors of your home. You must, now, move on to inspect the exterior, and most particularly the roof. Even if you cannot spot significant damages immediately, your roof may still have sustained serious damage that requires roof hail damage repair right away.

Contact Vetcon Construction Services today to have your Hail Roof Damage

We will conduct thorough inspections of your roof and check for any signs that alert for the need for hail roof damage repairs. Our expert roofing contractors have the necessary experience to recommend whether your roof requires repairs or entirely needs to be replaced. After a storm, if you are concerned that your roof has sustained a lot of damage, we are the ones to reach out to. Thanks to years of installation and repairing experience, our team is always at the ready to go to work for you!

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