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Wind Damage Repair

Not many people are aware of the damage wind can cause to roofs. Winds may seem harmless enough, but at turbulently high speeds. Sometimes winds can parallel the devastation caused by hail, debris, and the likes!

Especially in Florida, wind damage results in significant issues for homeowners. Every storm brings with-it high-speed winds that result in roofing materials such as shingles to loosen and come apart. Initially, to the untrained eye, the damage might not seem extensive or may even go entirely undetected.

Particularly in the case of older roofs, the integrity of the structure is even more susceptible to wind damage. However, this does not mean newer roofs can remain unscathed by high speed winds. This is because usually, new roofs take time to settle after being placed. You can never be 100% sure that your roof has not been affected by wind damage, especially just by looking at it. This makes the importance of having your roof inspected and the necessary repairs made after high winds even more apparent.

Take a Closer Look

The most noticeable effects of wind damage. Can be seen if you simply take a closer look at the state of the shingles in your roof. These damages are the ones that are most commonly seen in residential homes. But, not all wind damage is clearly visible on your roof.

What are the indicators of a Wind Damaged Roof?

Missing shingles- Visible patches left on your roof.

Curling shingles- the shingles that have been pushed back because the bond with the adhesive is weakened, and have begun to curl backward.

Splitting, tears, or cracked shingles- Damaged shingles that look like punctures, tears, or cracks.

Clogged or damaged vents- shingles that have been dislocated, or debris from the storm that are not clogging the vents.

Wind drafts- Small breezes blowing through your home, entering from your roof.

Backed up or bent gutters- the gutters are filled with dislodged shingles and debris from the wind and are clogged or bent out of shape.

Chimney flashing missing or damaged- the flashing used to keep your chimney set in place is missing or has sustained serious damage.

Debris collecting on your roof- high speed winds carry debris onto your roof. A mass is beginning to collect that can lead to your roof to collapse or cause damage otherwise.

Dents & dings in roofing, siding & windowsills- the exterior structures around your house have also sustained visible bending denting and other damages.

After storms or windy days, it is wise to check up on your roof. This is to make sure any damages that might be concerning catches your attention early on.  You can’t stop nature from doing what it wants, but you can give us a call to take care of the damages for you!

This is a job best left to the Professionals

At Vetcon Construction Services, we have years of hands on roofing experience in the industry. We consider ourselves one of the best Florida roofer in the state. That’s why we have been successful in building a reputation for ourselves as the best provider of high-quality roofing services. The service quality is backed by a customer service experience that all our clients swear by.

So call us if your roof has sustained extensive wind damage or if you are looking to have your roof inspected after heavy winds. We will send over our best professional roofing experts to identify all the problem areas for you. They will also provide recommendations on the level of repair services your situation requires. They can also provide a quote for your needs on the spot, or you can contact our customer service representatives and learn more about the service for yourself.

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